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Established in 2008, Dynamic Apparel caters to the specific needs of its clientele, from small scale personal orders to large scale summer camp & daycare orders alike Dynamic Apparel treats all clients with the same level of courtesy and professionalism.  Our main goal is to see the job through from start to finish.  We have the capabilities to take a ready-made image straight to print or if necessary, work with you in all creative and design aspects to ensure that you have the best quality product.  Our motto, “Image is Everything” is the guiding principle behind every aspect of our business.  It propels us to strive for excellence and to achieve the best for our clients. 

Arif Vellani, Founder & President

As the founder and president of Dynamic Apparel, Arif brings his vast knowledge and experience of the custom-ordered apparel industry to the forefront.  His formation of our guiding principle, “Image is Everything” is just a very minute piece of the puzzle.  He thrives on client interaction, which apart for his managerial role has him heavily involved in all aspects of the business.  His mission is to see all projects succeed, no matter how involved they are, and his business, project management and operational methodology enables him to do just that.  

Jermaine Simpson, I.T. Systems & Program Director

Jermaine has a strong I.T. background and brings a wide range of experience from Software and Web Design/Development, Network Design and Configuration, Web Hosting and Business Management.  He is mainly responsible for Dynamic Apparels online experience and strides to keep Dynamic Apparel up to date with current design trends and standards.

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